Oxford-Addison Youth Assistance

Strengthening Families Through Community Involvement

Our History

Oakland County Youth Assistance began in Hazel Park, Michigan in 1953.  Over the next 20 years, it expanded throughout the county and now encompasses 26 local affiliates.  Oxford-Addison Youth Assistance was established in January 1963.

One unique feature of Youth Assistance and a key to its stability over time is its tri-sponsorship; The Circuit Court-Family Division, school districts, and the municipalities.

The approach used to address our Mission Statement is two-pronged. 

The first includes providing direct, family focused, confidential, accessible, and timely casework services to youth and families in the community.  Any youth from 0-17 years of age who lives in Oakland County can be referred for services.  Referrals can be for such things as incorrigibility, truancy, retail fraud, larceny, assault, alcohol or other drug offenses, etc.  Referrals can also be for situations where no illegal act has occurred but where charges in a child’s attitude or behavior are noted, perhaps withdrawing from peers due to a pending divorce.  In each case, a family-assessment is conducted, that in addition to focusing on the particular incident identifies the needs and strengths of all members of the family.  Sometimes the family or individual members of the family are referred out to other community resources. 

The second approach used by Youth Assistance, Community Organization, is key to keeping our program vibrant and responsive to the needs of each community.  In each local YA area, individuals who live and/or work in the community come together to form a working Board of Directors.  They develop programs to meet unmet needs.  All of this is often done in collaboration with others in the communities including schools, service clubs, the faith community, and businesses.

If someone wants to make a contribution of their time and talents, we have a job for them to do.

Our Mission

Oxford-Addison Youth Assistance is committed to strengthening youth and families by preventing and reducing juvenile delinquency, child neglect, and child abuse through community involvement.  Oxford-Addison Youth Assistance is a volunteer-driven 501C(3) non-profit organization.  It is one of 26 Youth Assistance programs in Oakland County.  Oxford-Addison Youth Assistance is sponsored by Oxford Township, the Village of Oxford, Addison Township, Oxford Community Schools and the Village of Leonard.  The Oakland County Board of Commissioners provides funding for a professional counselor in each unit.  Volunteers work with the professional counselor to plan and sponsor local prevention programs for youth and their families

Our Program Committees/Volunteer Opportunities

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Family Education

To strengthen families through educational programs related to societal issues which may lead to delinquency, neglect and abuse.  Programs focus on improving parent-child relationships and enhancing growth and development of children.


Committee Volunteer Opportunities

  • Develop and provide parent and family education programs
  • Collaborate with other community agencies and Youth Assistance units to promote and provide these programs
  • Develop flyers to promote program


Task Volunteer Opportunities

  • Set up location for parenting program
  • Register participants for program


To recruit, enlist, orient and recognize volunteers for OAYA.


     Committee Volunteer Opportunities

  • Develop and implement a plan to meet the targeted recruitment goals provided by the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.
  • Provide and keep updated Job Descriptions for all volunteer positions
  • Create and maintain tools and strategies to attract volunteers (brochures, phone scripts, folders, etc.)
  • Make personal and/or group contacts
  • Provide orientation to OAYA for new volunteers, and follow-up


Youth Recognition

To lead in planning and implementing an annual program to honor Oxford-Addison youth for their   volunteerism, good deeds and hard work in the Oxford-Addison community.


     Committee Volunteer Opportunities

  • Work with the OAYA secretary to distribute the required communications
  • Retain a Guest Speaker for the event
  • Contact the Oxford Leader to submit the nomination article
  • Contact businesses in the community for gifts/prizes
  • Make arrangements for the program to be printed
  • Work together with others to implement the Event plan


     Task Volunteer Opportunities

  • Set up and decorate the event location
  • Order and pick-up food and supplies for the event
  • Greet and hand out badges to students, families and guests of the event

Serve the food to all guests at Youth Recognition

Camp/Skill Building

To evaluate programs of recreational, skill-building and camping activities with regard to preventing

delinquency, neglect and abuse and to facilitate their availability to youth.  Also provide scholarship

opportunities to qualifying families


     Task Volunteer Opportunities

  • Assist families with registration at camp registration day

Shop with a Hero/Christmas Holiday Party

To assist in the planning and implementation of the Shop with a Hero event and the family Christmas party for identified youth and families within the Oxford school district.


     Committee Volunteer Opportunities

  • Plan the party/activity
  • Secure location
  • Decide on type of gift child/family will receive


     Task Volunteer Opportunities

  • Serve dinner and dessert

Mentors P.L.U.S.

To match adult mentors one-to-one with youths in need of a supportive adult role model.  The P.L.U.S. is an acronym in Youth Assistance for People, Listening, Understanding and Sharing.


     Committee Volunteer Opportunities

  • Recruit adult mentors
  • Participate in interviews of new Mentors and Mentees with Oakland County P.L.U.S. caseworker


     Adult P.L.U.S. Match Opportunities

  • Complete application and training
  • One year commitment and 2-4 hours per week with a matched youth



Oxford Middle School
1420 Lakeville Rd.
P.O. Box 372

Oxford, MI 48371